What to consider when choosing a property in North Cyprus?

Buying an apartment, house, or villa in North Cyprus can expand life prospects, bring investment income or disappoint if the choice of an object is made superficially, without taking key criteria into account.

There are offers on the market for any request and budget: inexpensive apartments, luxury villas, well-appointed townhouses, resale properties, and complexes from developers. Taking into account significant criteria allows you to make a rational liquid investment.

Selection Options

The purpose of purchasing a home is directly related to the format and location of the property in Northern Cyprus. If an apartment is purchased for a personal residence, in the first place comes comfort for all family members, and compliance with a unique idea about their own home by the sea.

An investment to generate income involves the choice of apartments in resort centers on the coast or in cities with many students. The apartment is easy to rent for a long-term lease or periodically use for your own vacation.

If you are planning an agricultural business, a house with a plot of land in the island’s center is the best choice.

Other important criteria:

• area, number of rooms;

• proximity to the sea. It is better to buy houses and villas in the first line for renting out, as these are noisy areas with active nightlife. For personal living, you should pay attention to complexes with a closed territory, located at some distance from the coast;

• transport accessibility, and infrastructure.

It is important to correlate the cost of the object and the calculation plan with your financial capabilities.

How to reduce risks?

The main difficulty in transactions is the disputed status of the land plot. The previous owner can lay claim to his property, so the documents need to be carefully checked.

The contract of sale must contain the details of the parties, the amount of the transaction, and the procedure for settlements.

When a company specializing in real estate in Northern Cyprus is included in the selection and transaction process, the risks are significantly reduced. Common mistakes are excluded: making a deposit without drawing up a preliminary sale and purchase agreement, late registration of property rights, and overpricing.

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